Travellers in Bali pay $100 a day due to Jetstar flight cancellations

Travellers in Bali pay $100 a day due to Jetstar flight cancellations

After a bunch of Jetstar flight cancellations, Australian tourists in Bali now have to pay $100 a day. Aussies on vacation on the beautiful Indonesian island are being charged more money right before they fly home. 

Australians on vacation whose flights were cancelled are now facing a new financial problem: their visas are going to expire while they wait for a new flight, which will cost them money. 

In some cases, travellers are being made to pay $600. 

The airline said that the cancellations were caused by many outside factors, such as lightning strikes, bird strikes, and delays in getting spare parts. 

Because thousands of people had to wait several days for a new flight, some of their visas ran out.  Australians who want to go to Bali have to pay for a 30-day visa when they get there. 

After that, travellers will have to pay 1,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah per day in fees if they don’t get a 30-day extension at an immigration office. 

That’s about 100 Australian dollars. 

After overstaying her visa, an Australian mother told 7NEWS that she had to pay $600. 

In an online forum about the popular tourist spot, people said that the airline didn’t tell them much about it. 

“We had the same thing happen to us… Our 23:45 flight out of Denpasar was cancelled, and our visas had already run out”, one woman wrote. 

A Jetstar representative told that customers whose flights were cancelled could get up to $150 back per room and up to $30 back per person for food and lodging. 

They also have the right to get reimbursed for other costs, which are looked at on a case-by-case basis. 

As for when the whole fleet will be flying again, it is thought that there are still three Boeing 787 planes that need engineering work. 

Two of them should be back up and running this week. 

In the meantime, other planes have been sent out to help out. 

The person said that all of the customers who were affected by the problems last week were offered other flights out of Indonesia.

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