Airports Prepare For School Holiday Travel Rushes

Airports Prepare For School Holiday Travel Rushes

There is been some airport chaos in Melbourne as millions of Australians head off on their school holidays. This school break is the first April with no restrictions on travel for three years, but airports and airlines are struggling to cope with the demand. While air travel over Labor Day may not affect drivers nearly as much as booking a rental car, airport traffic may make rush hours far more frustrating.

Airlines operating out of Tulsa International Airport anticipate flights being filled all week, with the peaks in traffic coming the Tuesday and Wednesday after Christmas. Air travelers, meanwhile, will fill airports on September, when they are flying out of the city, according to Hopper, an app that helps travelers find discounted flights and accommodations.

Brisbane Airport is expected to see a spike in travelers, with 55,000 passengers arriving on Friday, as well as in July, 95 percent below pre-pandemic levels.

The busiest day is expected to be Friday, 2 September, when 155,000 passengers are expected to pass through the airport (departing, arriving, and connecting). Saturday is expected to be one of the busiest days at UK airports since the arrival of Covid-19. Excited travellers are once again thronging airports around the country, with airlines gearing up for the busiest period since COVID.

Australian airports are expecting some of the biggest numbers since COVID travellers this weekend, with the end of the school holidays in Victoria and Queensland, and beginning of them in South Australia and Tasmania. With delays expected to last at least through 18 July, Sydney airport is asking domestic passengers to avoid being lured into arriving more than two hours ahead of their flight departure times. Travelers arriving at least two hours ahead of schedule, who were stuck in lengthy lines until the TSA opened up more screening areas, told CBS4 News that despite arriving earlier, they were nervous they would make it on time.

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